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Brand Identity

The client recently acquired an established bakery franchise and made the strategic decision to retain certain products from the existing menu while transforming the establishment into a vibrant Bistro/Cafe concept. The envisioned establishment would cater to a diverse clientele, offering a delectable range of Kebabs, Burgers, and traditionally prepared English Breakfast dishes. Given the client's autonomy in creating their own brand identity, I conducted a comprehensive case study to ensure the brand resonated with the preferences of the younger generation, who frequently patronize the client's business. Consequently, I revamped the brand with a modern aesthetic to appeal to this target demographic and enhance their overall experience when purchasing products.

Logo just V for Varso

The shop needed a new shop banner and window stickers, whilst for the interior, help was need in finalising the shop layout and suggestions required to help with the design of the interior. The client had decided they wanted a lot of wood to be used in the shop design.  

logo and consistent colours palette were required. These were to be used across the company website design by the website developer, and all other products designed including leaflets, business cards, coffee loyalty cards, apron design with logo, name tags, rubber stamps, cups, bags and stickers.
Product photographs used in adverts and on the website needed some manipulation to help give the products a consistent and desirable look,. Full Branding specialist design..


The client need it professional support and guidance Specifically, they needed a new shop banner and window stickers, as well as guidance in finalizing the shop layout and suggestions for the interior design. The client expressed a preference for incorporating a substantial amount of wood into the shop's overall design.

In addition, the client required the development of a logo and a consistent color palette. These elements were to be seamlessly integrated into the company's website design by the website developer. Furthermore, the logo and color scheme were to be implemented across various promotional materials, including leaflets, business cards, coffee loyalty cards, aprons featuring the logo, name tags, rubber stamps, cups, bags, and stickers.

To ensure a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity, it was necessary to manipulate product photographs for advertisements and the website, enhancing their consistency and desirability. This comprehensive project involved the expertise of a branding specialist to design and implement a full branding strategy.

Project name:

The Varso Bistro

October, 2022





Logo full black stamp Varso

Coffee cup

Cup of coffee for Varso brand


Varso website



Varso apron

Takeaway & Coffee

Packed Burger with Chips Varso
Varso packaging design


Varso loyalty cards
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