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Freedom, slow mornings, building a life you can't wait to wake up to – your own brand success story, heart-centred, rule-breaker; it's the space between where you are now, and where you are going.


The Brand Set we offer focuses on the fundamental elements that represent the visual and communicative aspects of your brand.

  • Logo: The core symbol of the brand, used across all materials.

  • Color Palette: Specific colors chosen to represent the brand, evoking certain emotions or feelings associated with it.

  • Typography: The set of fonts that complement the brand's character and are used consistently in all written communications.

  • Tagline: A memorable phrase that communicates the brand's message or value proposition.

  • Business Cards: Design templates for business cards incorporating the brand's visual elements.

  • Letterhead and Envelopes: Stationery designs that reflect the brand's identity for official correspondence.

  • Brand Guidelines: A document detailing how all the elements of the brand should be used, including dos and don'ts to ensure consistency

This package is perfect for

  • Start-ups

  • Shop owners 

  • Barbers

  • Hairdressers 

  • Small & Medium business owners 

  • Sellers, Freelancers, artists, designers

  • Anyone looking to re-brand

Optional Extras

·Additional revisions + £25 per hour


The Brand Identity Set encompasses a broader range of components, diving deeper into the brand's essence and how it is perceived across different mediums. It includes everything in the Brand Set plus:

  • Brand Story: A narrative that includes the brand’s history, mission, values, and the unique value proposition that sets it apart from competitors.

  • Voice and Tone Guidelines: Instructions on how the brand communicates its message, including the style, tone, and level of formality in written and spoken content.

  • Imagery Style: Guidelines for the types of images, illustrations, and photography that fit the brand's identity, including style, composition, and themes.

  • Social Media Templates: Designs for social media posts and profiles that maintain brand consistency across platforms.

  • Website Design Guidelines: Direction for the layout, style, and user interface of the brand’s website, ensuring a consistent online presence.

  • Packaging Design: If applicable, the design elements for product packaging that align with the brand’s identity.

  • Email Templates: Templates for email marketing and correspondence that use the brand's visual and textual elements.

  • Merchandising: Guidelines and designs for branded merchandise, if applicable, that help promote the brand externally.

While the Brand Set provides the foundational visual elements necessary for brand recognition, the Brand Identity Set builds upon this foundation with a comprehensive suite of tools and guidelines that articulate the brand's story, values, and personality across all customer touchpoints. Together, they form a robust framework for presenting a cohesive and engaging brand to the world

·Additional revisions + £25 per hour

Having a comprehensive Brand Set and Brand Identity Set is fundamental for businesses aiming to establish a strong market presence, build customer loyalty, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Here’s why these elements are crucial for your business:

Establishes Brand Recognition
A consistent and visually appealing Brand Set makes your business easily recognizable to customers. This instant recognition helps to build familiarity, which is essential for trust and loyalty. A well-designed logo, color palette, and consistent typography play a pivotal role in this process.
Communicates Your Brand’s Story and Values
The Brand Identity Set goes beyond visual elements to encompass your brand’s story, values, and personality. This narrative connection with your audience fosters a deeper emotional engagement, making your brand more memorable and meaningful to your customers.
Ensures Consistency Across All Platforms
Uniformity in your brand’s visual and communicative elements across all platforms and materials is key to maintaining professionalism and credibility. It helps in reinforcing your brand identity every time a customer interacts with your brand, whether on social media, your website, or physical marketing materials.
Differentiates Your Brand in the Market
In a competitive market, standing out is essential. A unique Brand Set and Identity Set differentiate your business, highlighting what makes it special and why customers should choose you over others. This uniqueness can be a significant competitive advantage.
Builds Trust and Credibility
A professional and coherent brand image signals reliability and trustworthiness to customers. It shows that you take your business seriously and are committed to providing quality and value. This perception is crucial in attracting and retaining customers.
Supports Marketing and Advertising Efforts
Your Brand Set and Identity Set are integral to your marketing and advertising strategies. They ensure that all your campaigns are aligned with your brand’s identity, creating a cohesive message that resonates with your target audience and amplifies your marketing efforts.
Enhances Customer Experience
A well-defined Brand Identity Set, including voice and tone guidelines, imagery style, and customer interaction protocols, ensures a consistent and positive customer experience. This consistency across all touchpoints builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Facilitates Business Growth
A strong brand foundation makes it easier to introduce new products or services. Customers who already trust and identify with your brand are more likely to try new offerings, facilitating business growth and expansion.
Adds Value to Your Business
A strong brand can add substantial value to your business, beyond your physical assets. It can influence customer perception, allowing you to command higher prices for your products or services and potentially attract better partnerships and investment opportunities.
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