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Brand Identity

At Brand Magnet Designs, we're tasked with revitalizing the brand identity of LaserTech Solutions, a global leader in laser cleaning technologies, by developing a fresh logo, redesigning their website for optimal user engagement, and creating a suite of cohesive graphic materials, all aimed at reflecting the company's precision, efficiency, and innovative approach within a two-month timeline.

Project name:

Laser Cleaning Solutions LTD


April, 2024


Logo, Website, Graphics

We crafted a robust brand identity that communicates precision, efficiency, and innovation, essential qualities for a company specializing in cutting-edge cleaning technologies. The new logo we designed reflects these attributes through sharp, clean lines and a modern, impactful font, symbolizing the effectiveness of laser cleaning.

For the website, our focus was on user experience and functionality, ensuring that it not only looked sleek and professional but also provided easy navigation and accessibility. We integrated interactive elements and video content to effectively demonstrate the power and versatility of laser cleaning solutions. The website's design is responsive and optimized for all devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users on-the-go.

Additionally, we developed a range of graphic materials, including brochures, leaflets, 3d graphics and infographics, all designed to harmonize with the new brand identity. These materials not only enhance the brand's visual impact but also provide coherent and engaging information that aligns with the strategic goals of the company.

Through these comprehensive branding solutions, we have positioned our client as a leader in the laser cleaning industry, ready to attract and engage a global audience with a polished and persuasive brand presence.


Graphic laser new.png

3D Graphics

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