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Packaging your product is as important or even more so than your product.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022



We all buy products based on their look. I can’t recall the last time I saw a product with ugly badly designed packaging and thought, that must be just as good as other similar items in better packaging.

We just don’t really do that. Companies are more and more aware of it and use this to their own advantage, so why shouldn’t you? Don’t overlook packaging as this is selling your product on the shelves or online.

Showcasing your product is the first step for better sales. Social media is a powerful tool and people don’t share or like products that don’t impress them. Would you?


We all like it when something feels special. Wherever we go we want to get something that excites us, makes goosebumps on our skin and feels luxurious.

If you watched the movie ‘Love Actually’ you probably remember the scene Would You Like It Gift Wrapped? It was funny, but probably the film producer didn’t expect that after the movie was released in 2003 more shops would start to offer gift packaging in their shops and private sellers took advantage of this new direction as well. Etsy for example, every time I order something from that site, I expect it to be gift wrapped, and yes they deliver every time.

Are you taking advantage of this packaging? If not then you are missing out.


Personalisation is so big now. Attaching a small thank you handwritten card with your name on (I mean printed handwritten font usually) makes your customer feel special.

Even a simple Birthday card with a coupon of 5.00 off their next order, this is going above and beyond and people love that.

When you make them feel special they will stay loyal to your company longer as we all want to keep that feeling of appreciation and after all, they did choose to spend their money in your shop, so it is nice to say thank you for that.


In today’s society, customers are more aware of the impact retail and manufacturing have on the planet and global warming.

Even if your packaging looks pretty, remember that this is not enough, it has to be recyclable or reusable. If it isn’t then it could affect the customer’s choice to shop with you and you may be missing out on sales.

I believe more brands need to be aware of this problem and how they can help to address this issue. Luxurious brands are going this way to show that luxury can go with sustainability.


If you know a little bit about marketing you probably know that the only way to be seen is to stand out from the crowd! How do you do that? Product packaging.

If you went to buy a box of breakfast cereal – would you notice the difference between cereals costing £1.00 and £3.00 if someone took all the branding off? Unlikely but it does not mean that the cereal which cost £3.00 are so much better or that they have just got better packaging and marketing strategy behind them, and this creates the impression of a higher quality product.

Even my 5-year-old is starting to choose branded items, as he gets to know them and trusts them. That is why you need to create something which the customer will remember and will make them choose your product, not just because of the product but also because of the packaging.


Great you have this amazing product packaging, it looks amazing and luxurious. You send it to the customer and it wasn’t packaged well enough or the packaging wasn’t done for online sellers in mind.

Not good, maybe it looks nice but unfortunately packaging wasn’t designed for online sales, and before it got to the customer it was in pieces.

Whatever you sell, you got to think that a clumsy 2 year old is delivering it! Not all packaging is made to be sent via post, and this is fine if you don’t need that, but with the world-changing keep this in mind when you package your product, as you don’t want to invest a lot of money to design the product and packing only to find out you cant sent it online, and you are sending customer away empty-handed.

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