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Start Small, Dream Big:
Start-up on a $1 Budget

Introducing our 6-EASY STEPS course designed exclusively, for CAKE and COOKIE makers looking to start a business.

Designed by Marlena Olympia,
Founder of Sugar Coated & CEO at Brand Magnet.

My love for baking started as a side hustle four years ago,

a delightful escape from the boring work of finances.

What began as a small experiment in my home kitchen has blossomed into a thriving business, people know enough so there is no need for paid advertisement.


The business is currently managed fully by my friend, who has achieved high brand awareness, which is crucial. She doesn't even have to look for new customers anymore; they find her through various established channels. She also sells to retailers with her logo, so people can contact her if they like the product and need more.

Now, armed with my knowledge of baking, branding, and social media, I aspire to help as many startups as possible thrive and succeed.

So, I've made the first of my courses: 'Start-up on a Budget.

In this course I will cover

Whipping up a budget - friendly beginning of the journey for bakers and cookie makers! Whether you're a startup or rocking a side hustle, in this course, we'll find a standout logo for FREE, craft your own sleek website also for FREE, and ace social media. Let's add some sugar and spice to your entrepreneurial journey!

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